Unnecessary loud noise can cause annoyance and loss of efficiency to occupants of a building. After extensive researches, LYSAGHT®’s acoustic roofing system is able to accommodate various ranges of acoustic performance requirement based on the function of the building. This system typically incorporates layers of high density insulation material and self-adhered roofing underlayment.

Sound Reduction
Controlling external airborne sound, eg. traffic noise and speech, to an optimal level is very essential to buildings functioning as residential houses and classrooms. One of LYSAGHT®’s tested roofing systems with approximate acoustic rating of STC 51 has been widely incorporated by many remarkable projects for such purpose. This system could even be further customized when higher acoustic performance is desired.

Impact Noise Reduction
Impact sound is the sound arising from the impact of an object on a building element. One of the most common sources of impact noise is rain water impact on our roof. LYSAGHT®’s roofing systems typically come with integrated impact noise reduction feature to reduce the transmission of such noises.

Noise Absorption
Noise from pounding basketball and crowd’s resounding cheers may lead to the build up of a large number of echoes within an indoor sports hall. This phenomenon, also called reverberation, could induce discomfort to the occupants of the hall. LYSAGHT® offers customized roofing system for such halls with approximate rating of NRC 0.9 and NRC 0.95. The purpose of these systems is to partially absorb the indoor sound before it is being reflected back as echoes.

For more information on LYSAGHT®’s acoustic roofing system, please consult our technical specification team.