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BlueScope Steel prides itself on the production of quality products and solutions for the Singapore market. This is why we offer a range of warranties for your peace of mind.

When you have a LYSAGHT® product installed you can be assured that you are getting a proprietary steel product backed by the strength and reputation of one of Singapore’s leading manufacturers.

BlueScope Steel Material Performance Warranties
Bluescope Steel warrants the steel material used to produce your LYSAGHT® roll formed steel building products in certain applications. This covers the likes of Clean COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel.

LYSAGHT® Product Warranty
Additional to any material warranties, BlueScope LYSAGHT® further warrants the rollformed product. The LYSAGHT® Product Performance Warranty gives you comfort our products will perform as expected when installed to our guidelines. This warranty guarantees LYSAGHT® rollformed products.:

• are manufactured from 100% Proprietary steel from BlueScope Steel
• are ‘fit for purpose’ when installed and maintained according to our specifications
• are free from all defects in manufacturer
• will perform as detailed in our published documentation when selected and installed in accordance with our recommendations described in our installation guides and technical literature
• comply with all relevant Singapore Standards as published within our product specific technical literature.
This Product Performance Warranty replaces all previous LYSAGHT® product performance warranties from 1 March 2010.
Project specific warranty documents are available from your local Bluescope LYSAGHT® branch for large commercial projects.